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Erin Call

Erin Call

hello@erincall.com • 503.508.4419

I am a veteran developer in web technologies. I'm particularly good at automating my work away so I have time to make systems more paranoid and reliable.


I have extensive experience in server-side web development. I've developed professionally in server-side Python, Ruby, and Haskell, along with client-side JavaScript. I love git, test-driven development, and documentation.


  • I've used an array of web frameworks, from the full-featured (Rails, Django) to the lightweight (Flask, Express, Snap).
  • In the browser, I'm familiar with JQuery and Underscore/LoDash; I can work without them as well.
  • My database of choice is Postgresql, but I've worked with several others, including MySQL, Redis, and Mongo.
  • I've worked extensively with AWS services, particularly S3, EC2, Cloudfront, SES, and Route53.
  • One of the first things I look for when learning a new language is a test framework. To that end, I've used Ruby's Rspec, Mocha, and Minitest, Python's Nosetools and Mock, JavaScript's Jasmine, Mocha, and Chai, and Haskell's HUnit and Quickcheck.
  • I provision my servers with configuration tools like Vagrant and Ansible, and deployment tools like Fabric and Capistrano.



Developer, November 2015—April 2017

As a developer on the Developer Experience team, I worked closely with other GitHub employees to build and maintain our deployment, monitoring, and continuous integration infrastructure.

Particular accomplishments

  • Designed and developed a distributed high-availability system for our systems-control chatbot.
  • Wrote and presented a guide for new-employee orientations, explaining our monitoring and alerting system.


Developer, September 2012—October 2014

As a developer on Janrain's Capture team, I was responsible for expansion and maintenance of our user-management system. I worked in Ruby On Rails and Haskell Snap to provide an extremely-high-availability web service.

Particular accomplishments

  • Built out our "native API," a set of extensively-customer-configurable API endpoints for use by our native SDKs.
  • Resurrected a neglected test suite.
  • "Vagrantized" several projects with intricate, undocumented setup requirements.


Software Developer, May 2011—September 2012

As a member of the Application development team, I was responsible for overhauling and updating Emma’s campaign and audience management web application.

Particular accomplishments

  • Co-developed our trailblazing new “mailing creator”, an in-browser WYSIWYG editor.
  • Developed our new split-testing feature, which pits variants of a campaign against each other, and automatically sends the winner.


Software Developer, Team Lead, July 2007—April 2011

I was responsible for development and maintenance of our core software suite. Starting as a junior developer, I ended up a team lead—part of the leadership group for our flagship product.

Particular accomplishments

  • Co-developed our Internet TV Essentials product, which analyzes usage data from millions of users around the world for sites like hulu and abc.com.
  • Developed a general data-summarization framework used by many of our data-warehousing products.
  • Made significant performance improvements to our test framework, by an order of magnitude in some cases.
  • Extended our test-data setup systems, allowing dramatically faster development and improving readability.
  • Developed custom PostgreSQL aggregates, allowing granular scrutiny of enormous amounts of data while conserving disk space.
  • Developed a system for projecting users’ future usage patterns.


Portland Code School

Lead JavaScript Immersion Instructor, December 2014—August 2015

As the lead instructor in PCS's JavaScript Immersion class, I taught cohorts of a dozen students with varying backgrounds. I taught both server- and client-side programming, with and without frameworks like Express, JQuery, and Angular.


Code Scouts

Mentor, May 2013—December 2014

Code Scouts was a nonprofit organization aimed at providing learning resources and mentoring to women in technology. As a mentor I worked with members to help them find learning projects, develop working code, and prepare for interviews.

Technical lead, October 2013—December 2014

In addition to my mentor work, I led a small team of volunteer developers in writing the new Code Scouts member website.


I've written several open-source projects in my free time. Two of the most interesting:

  • Catsnap is a Python/Flask webapp for simple, self-hosted image sharing. [source]
  • Radlibs is a silly game for generating whimsical English text, also written in Python. It has an IRC-bot-pluggable API client written in JavaScript. [source]

I've also contributed code to several open-source projects, including https-everywhere, hyperpolyglot, and puppet-nginx.


Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science

Willamette University, 2006